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Palazzo degli Affari

Palazzo degli Affari

Palazzo Affari of Florence is a jewel of modernity in the midst of a beautiful Renaissance context. Hotel Palazzo Vecchio is very near the exhibition center, only 50 meters.

Evidently, the Florence of the variety, the varietas, as the Latins would call it, is a theme that is always, in every age. Probably, if this city like it so much, it is even or especially for this. At varietas inspired Poliziano in 1475, when he dedicated his rooms for the tournament to Lorenzo the Magnificent, drawing on different sources and styles, we are inspired to varietas still in proposing our important trade fair in the city, next to structures that would be worth in themselves the time to visit (typical example of the modern era fort on the one hand, noble villa on the other), a work, the only one in the center of large and fine contemporary architecture.

The Affairs Palace of Florence, in fact, was inaugurated only in 1974. The project has had to respond by Pierluigi Spadolini ambitious attempt to harmonize with the undisputed artistic context and needs absolutely contemporary technological equipment and standards appropriate to the most important national conference centers.

The six floors on which it develops can accommodate a total of about 1800 people and events of various kinds. The guiding principle is in fact that the flexibility and modularity. In other words, as we said, just the typical varietas so dear to the Florentines.

The large park separates and connects at the same time the Business Center with Villa Vittoria in Florence, home of the Exhition Center , is the stage of many events, first of all fabulous banquets.

Hotel Palazzo Vecchio is really near to the Affairs Palace (Palazzo dei Congressi), it is in front of the bulding, only 50 meters away from the main entrance in Piazza Adua 1, in Florence. Our hotel will be the best solution to partecipate in a convention or conference.