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Church of Santa Maria Novella

Church of Santa Maria Novella

Even the Church of Santa Maria Novella is a particularly famous monument of Florence, sometimes inevitable stop on excursions to know the salient and the soul of the city.

Is located in front of the train station of Santa Maria Novella, from which Hotel Palazzo Vecchio is less than one minute walking.

In addition to it’s beauty and charm a little bit gothic and renaissance, it’s certainly became famous with the beginning of the Decameron of Boccaccio, which talks about 1 women and 3 men who fled in to escape plague that struck Florence.

It’s origins can be traced to the monks dominion, who in the first half of the thirteenth century expand the old church old “Chiesa di Santa Maria delle vigne” as it was called at that time.

The facade, restored several times, was designed by Leon Battista Alberti, who in 1470 wisely introduced into pre-existing Gothic architecture of the new large influences of the Renaissance.

Inside there are exceptional frescoes of different artist admired all over the world, like “Trinità” of Masaccio – wonderful example of renaissance prospective – and the crucifix by Brunelleschi.

The services and comfort of Hotel Palazzo Vecchio once again will be the best way, to be close to so much history and culture.