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Fortezza da Basso

Fortezza da Basso

Sometimes being a serious professional has its advantages. For example, your company might send you to the famous fairs, more and more important figures in the world of work, places for shaking hands, but also looks to weave, it is hoped to conclude trade agreements and sign contracts.

Sometimes it's a hassle having to undertake long journeys and endure hours of talks thick, with the maximum concentration not to miss anything. In Florence, no. In Florence looks more like an incentive trip, or a trip-prize. Be able to arrive in the old city, the cradle of the Renaissance and Humanism and live for the duration of the fair that fervid cultural climate, perhaps thinking back to when other businessmen in the Middle Ages just moved from Florence to reach the textile fairs of Flanders and Champagne.

Surely the Fortezza da Basso exhibition in Florence helps to give the event suggestive atmosphere that enchants even the most focused and professional business man. Florence was selected for this exhibition to host major conventions, concerts and events.

In this way, the 3 stars Hotel Palazzo Vecchio in Florence center will not only support for those who want to fully enjoy the many historical and artistic wonders of the city, but also the best way to participate in important trade fairs in Florence.

Our structure is in fact pretty close to the monumental Fortezza da Basso, very clear example of modern fortification (when the introduction of mobile artillery was necessary to review the medieval fortifications, typically very high and therefore exposed to the blows of tremendous damage by fire), where the main events are held the Fair of Florence. From the Hotel Palazzo Vecchio, you can just walk a few meters in Via Valfonda to arrive in Viale Filippo Strozzi, in front of the great fortress.

Hotel Palazzo Vecchio has a strategic location in the Florence city center, near the Florence train station Santa Maria Novella (Firenze SMN)and the exhibition center. You can also reach walking all the important sights of the city. Fortezza da Basso is only 300 meters away from Hotel Palazzo Vecchio, and even the Florence central train station is only 200 meters.

Hotel Palazzo Vecchio in Florence with parking is the easiest solution to visit Fortezza da Basso. It is only 400 meters away, few steps. We suggest to park your car at our hotel, to avoid the traffic stress and continue walking, it takes 4 minutes to reach it.