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Cathedral in Florence

Cathedral in Florence

In the city there are so many beauties, that sometimes it’s also difficult for us to suggest what to visit to all the visitors that every year walk through the historic streets. Fortunately there are some cornerstones on which we can always rely on, and what could ever be a major point of interest compared to the monumental Cathedral of Florence?

In fact it’s the symbol of the city by definition, which distinguishes it and makes it famous in the world, immortalized the imago for all pictures taken from the lookout.

Staying at Hotel Palazzo Vecchio 3 star in Florence center, you don’t have to worry about traffic, parking or other else: it will be enough to leave the hall of the hotel and get in to the Florentine Renaissance history. We can say that the hotel is just at ten minutes or less from the Duomo, but it depends from how long it takes to do 600 meters in the midst of so much magnificence.

The Duomo of Florence was started at the end of the thirteenth century on the site of the Church of Santa Reparata, but it was complete only in 1436 with the dome, thanks to one of the most famous and celebrated insights of Filippo Brunelleschi.
It was the scene of important historical events, as in 1438, when through the council of Florence rejoined Latin and Byzantine church or when, forty years later, the conspiracy of ‘De Pazzi’ tried to subvert the political order of the city. Without forgetting the memorable sermons of Girolamo Savonarola, that in Santa Maria Del Fiore (simply known as the Duomo of Florence).

From Hotel Palazzo Vecchio you can get to the cathedral and it’s museum, just as if you are going to find your neighbor; you have to take Via Faenza and follow the contour of the famous Chapel of Brunelleschi. The wonders are not over: take Via Calzaioli and keep going for 500 meters in the direction of the river Arno. You’ll get to Piazza della Signoria and to Palazzo Vecchio (town hall) and just few steps from there you can find one of the most important museum of the world: the Uffizi Gallery.

Hotel Palazzo Vecchio, can also book for you the tickets for the entrance without making the line,
for the Uffizi and the Academy gallery, more convenient than this!