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What is a Pre-Authorization?
The pre-authorization is temporary lock of a specific amount on the credit card. It will be deducted from the card limit, and it does not generate any movement on the bank account, so it is not a charge.

How much is the amount of a pre-authorization?
The amount usually is equal to the penalty shown in the cancellation policy.

What happens upon check out?
Generally the hotel collects the total amount of the stay as per agreements of reservation. After the payment, the reception staff will cancel the pre-authorization.

The cancellation can be done automatically?
Yes, the Pre-Authorization has a maximum duration of twenty-one days.

After how much time the sum locked can be available again?
It usually takes seventy-two hours from the time of the cancellation.

Since the reinstatement of the blocked amount may take a few days according to various lenders, our staff recommends to request the closure of the pre-authorization at the payment. It will be turned from a temporary hold in a definitive charge, to avoid later misunderstandings.